Walking around Cebu City giving food and water to people

homeless mother and son

It’s hard to escape the heat sometimes here in the Philippines. Especially for those that don’t have a home. Today I spent the day walking around giving people some food and water. This is Evonne. She has no place to call home. She moves from street corner to street corner depending on where the shade is. You can see from the video below even sitting in the shade wasn’t much of a break from the intense Philippine heat. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Evonne and get to know her a little. Sometimes we didn’t quite understand each other but that doesn’t matter.                 Meet A Family That Lost Their Home In A Fire
Homeless woman sitting and eating

Homeless lady and I talking
She only has one living relative, her older sister. But she lives so far away she doesn’t know exactly where she is. Her foot was a little disfigured, I didn’t see her walk but I can imagine it isn’t easy for her to walk for very long. We sat and talked for a while and later I got her some food and water. She told me all she wanted was a home.. It breaks my heart to hear that. Food and water seems so small. What I gave her will be gone in 30 minutes, and then what? I’m glad I got to meet her. I hope God or who ever is out there looking out for us blesses her with happiness and a home one day..

Before I met Evonne I ran into a guy named Patrick. He did not want to be pictured or videotaped. He was crouched down in a corner with a bag on his back and a few other big plastic bags around him filled with empty bottles. I walked by him once on my way to eat, and then when I walked by again an hour later he was still there in the exact same position. It didn’t look very comfortable. I started talking to him, at first he didn’t really know I was there. He was looking kind of past me as I talked. But I kept chatting and after a while he noticed me. He didn’t talk a lot, and he didn’t move from his crouched position the whole time I was with him. I got him some food and water, and talked a little more and then we said goodbye.

homeless family with everything they own
This is Irena, Arnold James Snow and Francis

This is Irena, Arnold James Snow and Francis. This is everything they own. They have a few chickens. I think they sell the eggs or just eat them, they didn’t speak much English so we couldn’t really understand each other.
homeless mother and son

Lady helping me find take out cups for homeless family
I got them some lugaw (porridge) and some water down a little side street and met a lovely lady named Gina. She helped me get some take out cups and spoons.          Donating Basketball Gear to Kids In Philippines
poridge in a bowl

chocolate porridge in a pot
I later came back to this place and tried the lugaw for myself. Lugaw is pretty much rice porridge. This one had eggs, ginger, chicken feet and a few other seasonings. They also had a chocolate flavored kind. Both were very tasty. Lugaw is also very good for when you are sick. It’s warm, filling and mushy and really easy to swallow.

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