Are people friendly in Indonesia?

Be warned. If you are planning to visit Indonesia anytime soon you be surrounded by some of the nicest and welcoming people out there. It’s impossible to walk anywhere in Indonesia and not have at least one person greet you with a smile, a handshake, or my favorite is people sharing their food with you. You may also get asked a few times to take a picture with someone, watch the VIDEO to see what I mean : ) .. I spent the day walking around Kota Tua Jakarta “Jakarta Old Town”. There is so much going on you can easily spend the whole day exploring. There’s site seeing, street foods, checking out the sidewalk sales, palm reading, snakes and more food. You could come and spend the whole day just eating without your tongue getting bored, at least mine didn’t.

indonesian street food
But there’s lots more to do than just eating. There’s plenty of museums if you like that sort of thing. There’s museums for Puppet lovers and art and ceramic lovers, and a history and bank museum. Whatever floats your kayak. I tried the Puppet museum and the museum of  fine Arts and Ceramics. Both were cool. The puppets were interesting, cute and freaky. I could sense a few of the puppets eyes following me..

scary looking puppets
The museum of Arts and Ceramics was cool too if you like to look at a whole bunch of dang pots. Both of these were super cheap, so either way your not gonna be out much. I spent most of my time just walking around talking to people and watching people floatin around. I never met anyone that could levitate before. I saw about 6 people doing it here. Eating with a homeless family of 7
levitating man
levitating man

indonesian game

man with snake

man drawing

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