Eating with a homeless family that lost their house in a fire

Homeless family eating

Today while walking around Cebu City, Philippines I met a homeless family that lost their home in a fire two years ago. Since then they have been living anywhere they can find. From sidewalks, under tress, on benches, to old abandoned buildings and everywhere in between. It’s one thing if it was just the adults but they have two small children ages 2 and 6. I have nieces and nephews the same age. I can’t imagine kids that young not having a house to go to and sometimes going days at a time without having a meal.

The only money they make is from Jake, the man in the photo, selling bottled water on the busy streets of Cebu City. Which I saw first hand and is not an easy job at all. Temperatures can easily reach over 100 Fahrenheit some days and with very little shade it can be dangerous for your health. It’s easy to look at homeless people on the street and think they are just lazy. Try selling water for 8 hours or more in a day in the scorching heat and only make about 4 dollars.

This family did NOT ask me for money. I walked by them on my way back from eating and they kindly waved and we said hello to each other. I kept walking but turned around after a few steps. We started talking, which was a little difficult because of the language barrier. But they were very nice people. Regular folks who just had a bad break. Even after talking with them for a while they still didn’t ask for anything, which is unusual if you’ve ever walked down many streets in bigger cities.
Homeless family eating

The two boys were your typical 2 and 6 year olds. Their favorite sport is BASKETBALL and they were very curious of everything, especially my camera and both were very energetic just as kids should be. They both were very happy and healthy kids. If I would have met them anywhere else I never would have guessed they were homeless.

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