Eat at Backstory Burgers and Cafe to make your mouth happy

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Today while walking around I stumbled upon a burger place named Backstory Burgers and Café. I was starving and burgers sounded very good at the time. I felt very welcomed immediately walking into the restaurant. I was greeted with smiling faces and a menu. I was suggested to try the burger brunch meal. It came with a burger, fries, a drink and your choice between lasagna and carbonara pasta with white sauce. I chose the Carbonara.

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I smelt the food coming before I before I actually saw it. It smelt amazing! I love when the smell matches the visual. Everything was placed perfectly on the plate ready for me to mess it all up and scarf it down. Donating basketball gear to kids in Philippines
burger and brunch meal

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With my sense of smell and sight both satisfied it was time for the final and most important test, the taste test. I started right for the burger. Pass! Before even swallowing I shoved some fries in there too. Pass! I honestly haven’t had a burger this good in a very long time. I’m not a big fan of pasta but after eating the carbonara pasta with white sauce I was forever changed. I highly recommend Backstory burgers and café to anyone who wants a great meal served by a very friendly staff.

Backstory Burgers and Cafe
Cebu City 6000

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