Angeles City, Philippines – Air Force City Park

picture of old air craft

Air Force City Park in Angeles City, Philippines is a nice FREE spot to visit for a few hours to soak up some history. It also has shaded areas to have a picnic or have a little nap. A great trip for a family with lots of space for kids to run and numerous jungle gyms for them to play. If you don’t want to pack your own food they have a snack bar inside with refreshments. A good time to go is early morning or later in the day, 4-5pm when it is a little cooler.

Snack bar
kids playing
playground with treeToilets

What brought me here was the cool old aircrafts. They were all still in pretty good shape.
T-28 Trojan air craft
T-28 Trojan Aircraft sign

UH-1H Huey sign
UH-1H Huey sign

picture of Vought F-8 Crusader
picture of F-5A Jet Fighter sign
picture of Vought F-8 Crusader aircraft
picture of Vought F-8 Crusader sign

picture of Air force memorial aircraft
picture of air force memorial sign
AIR POWER MEMORIAL “Mastery of the Air is the only strategy upon which sound military principle should rely. For the decisive force in modern-day conflicts is Air Power. But the air is a dangerous and exacting ally and friend. Only those who dare, are competent, and have superior willpower should use it.” The history of Air Power is replete with wings of Fame. One of them, the T-33 “Thunder Bird” was the first jet Aircraft of the Philippines. The first four, flown on August 3,1955 by Lt. Col. Godofredo Juliano, Major Jose Rancudo, Major Felix Pestana, and Capt. Pedro Gil landed in Clark Air Base and ushered the Philippines Air Force into the Jet Age. This T-33 markers was constructed during the Centennial Year of the Philippine Independence to herald the coming of a New Age in he PAF, an age marked by State of the Art Weapons System and a new concept in base development: The Air Force City. Unveiled on February, 1998 by Lt. Gen William K. Hotchkiss the Commanding General of the Philippine Airforce, during the Anniversary celebration of Clark Airbase under the command of Col. Benjamin P. Defensor, this marker is dedicated to Filipinos who dare and create great and lasting institutions.“

picture of unknown aircraft
Reindeer keeping guard

picture of big old machine gun
picutre of big old machine gun 2

If you come visit here don’t forget to buy something from these guys! All the items were made by the natives and the guy with the big bow and arrow actually made it himself!
picture of guy with Big bow and arrow
Might not be suitable for kids, the points are metal and sharp, they actually use these for hunting monkey’s, chickens, and pigs.
picture of pointy end of arrow
picture of guy Guy playing home made flute

picture of a guy blowing on a bird caller
This bird caller sounded very real

Check out the video below for the full preview. Subscribe Here!

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